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Our story of the outdoor cooking brands...

The start of our outdoor cooking brands

10 years ago, a fire was lit by a love of great food & passion for innovation.

Founded in 2013 in the Netherlands, 200° Fahrenheit was born from a shared passion of two brothers for outdoor cooking and surprising, innovative design.

With The Bastard as the first real gamechanger in the market of ceramic barbecues, they pioneered the Kamado market and became quickly the category leader. Adding Grill Guru to the portfolio opened up the market and made the relatively new cooking technique accessible for the smart consumer who likes easy barbecuing.

The team brought the Dutch back to the outdoors, and this passion spread to the neighbouring countries and later Western Europe. The entrepreneurial spirit matched with the other Dutch player in outdoor cooking: OFYR.

The art of outdoor cooking

In 2021, the outdoor cooking brands joined forces to become a house of outdoor cooking brands. OFYR was founded in 2015 and initiated the wood-fired plancha category which rapidly resonated to establish an international movement, with OFYR being sold in over 40 countries in the first year. Originated and manufactured in The Netherlands, the company counts both professionals and private individuals amongst their users.

Together, the group services the market with distinctive outdoor cooking brands, identifiable target audiences and broad distribution. 

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