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Back to the essentials – something Dutch designers seem to understand better than anyone. They believe that everything can always be better, more beautiful and more efficient. Finding the right balance between form and function. With its no-nonsense qualities, The Bastard is a great example of this mindset. The Bastard is versatile, high-quality and straightforward. Discover the honest way of grilling, cooking, barbecuing, stewing and smoking.

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The brand The Bastard.

Food from Kamado in a restaurant

Humorous // Bold

The Bastard’s unconventional and humorous approach to design and BBQ has taken the Netherlands by storm. The product and its message resonate with people, because they are relatable.

Simplicity // Design

As is often the case in life, simplicity is the best approach. The Bastard is designed by a team that is dedicated to creating the best features without overcomplicating the product.

Detailed The Bastard Kamado Cooking Unit
The Bastard Outdoor Cooking

Rugged // Quality

Quality is at the core of our brand. What better way to ensure quality than by using the best materials? Whoever says rugged and precision do not go hand-in-hand has clearly never met The Bastard.

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Spoga+Gafa in Cologne closed its doors! This is the world’s biggest trade fair on the outdoor lifestyle. For the first time, Fyron Group was present with its four major brands:

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