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Great moments start with

OFYR embodies the art of outdoor cooking, transforming a solitary activity into a shared experience.

Tough on the outside, but warm on the inside. The Bastard has changed the rules in the kamado market.

The easy BBQ brand for smart consumers, creating the best moments every day. 

The world of Grizzly Grills is one of freedom and enjoying the outdoors in an adventurous way.

The strength of together.

Fyron is Europe's No.1 in inspiring outdoor cooking brands...

Fyron Group is the house of fire that takes outdoor cooking to new levels. We create moments around the fire as Europe’s biggest independent player in the barbecue branch. We do this with our four brands: OFYR, The Bastard, Grizzly Grills and Grill Guru.

Our brands are focused on enhancing an outdoor lifestyle, in which we embrace product leadership. We offer diverse cooking techniques and outdoor cooking concepts through aesthetical and qualitative products. Great moments start with fire.

Inspiration and experience are key. All our brands embody a conceptual approach, with which we make outdoor cooking and ambience easily accessible.

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