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Corporate Social Responsibility...

One of our values is Eat with friends and family together outside the door

Our Corporate Social Responsibility mission

We see it as our Corporate Social Responsibility to bring people outside, to create joyful moments around the fire. Enabling and promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle is at the core of our company. We do this by: 

  • Not only selecting a balanced and varied diet in our recipes and food photography, inspiring people to add more vegetables, fruits and healthy alternatives to their BBQ.
  • But also by promoting outdoor sports and active lifestyle. 
  • Dutch Championship Surfing

    As part of our corporate social responsibility, Grill Guru is the title sponsor of the Dutch Championship Surfing. We allow young sporters to further professionalize and grow their sport.
    Participating in The Olympics 2024 in Paris would be an ultimate win for this talented team.

    Corporate Social Responsibility NK Surf Tour
    Corporate Social Responsibility World Championship Cyclocross

    Cycling Initiatives

    OFYR sponsors variable cycling initiatives, as the World Championship Cyclocross. The races, typically taking place in winter, prove that being outside is possible regardless of the weather, a motto OFYR and its warmth shares with the sportsmen and -women.

    Moreover, The Bastard supports the project Live Slow, Ride Fast. In cycling-themed podcasts and videos, Laurens ten Dam takes everyone along for the ride. The Tour de France is discussed on a daily basis, with our BBQ being lit.

    We share the vision of this team to slow down and look around. To work hard, but also take time to relax with family and friends. To enjoy nature and the small things in life, and to save your energy for the bike.

    Participation in Wolf Children

    With Grizzly Grills‘ participation in wolfchildren.co, we promote an outdoor lifestyle and healthy food for families and the future generations of children as part of our corporate social responsibility.
    The project offers a unique combination of recipes and outdoor adventurous activities.
    It invites children, their parents and grandparents to rediscover the purity of joyful playing outdoors. As Fyron, we underline the importance and health benefits of community activities and spending time in nature.