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It is almost time. 12 May 2022, we kick off the barbecue season together. De Nationale BBQ weken Foundation is the initiator of this BBQ day. Besides the event, a special barbecue magazine will be published with tips and tricks and much more. The magazine will be available from June.

The partners of the foundation are Napoleon, Van Drie Groep, Foodstage and Fyron group. Together, we provide a culinary experience for the barbeque industry. During this event the National BBQ awards will also be presented to the winners per category, see more on the website of National BBQ weeks. In addition, the experts will tell you all about the latest trends for 2022/23.

The visitors of the event will also get to know various brands and can of course taste everything during the demos. Besides tasty snacks, there will also be suitable drinks and in terms of entertainment there will be plenty to see and do. We have “DJ Big Jimmy and his 7 inches” who will play his beautiful LP collection. And the band On Y VA is also itching to perform for the public again. And to top it all off, we have a surprise performance by a mystery guest that you don’t want to miss.

If the sun shows itself as well, this will really be a smashing opening of the barbecue season!

Brands demonstrating different BBQ techniques are:
NapoleonThe BastardOFYRGrill Guru – Smoke bbq – FoodstageVan Drie Groepsmokey goodness


The BBQ Day will be held at the location:

Oudeweg 101

2031 CC Haarlem

The Netherlands


For tickets, contact your Fyron contact person or:



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