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2 Dutch companies are leading the European Outdoor Cooking market after merger

Fyron is the new group name for the brands OFYR, The Bastard, Grill Guru and Grizzly Grills. The two largest Dutch companies in the Outdoor Cooking market have merged in 2021. 200 Fahrenheit, the company behind The Bastard, Grill Guru and Grizzly Grills, and OFYR now continue under a new name and corporate Identity: Fyron. The new group aims to become the European market leader of the Outdoor Cooking field. With their shared passion for food, outdoor cooking, quality, innovation and entrepreneurship, this wonderful blend of brands has a great ambition to keep growing together.

Great moments start with fire

Since the Outdoor Cooking market is very broad, it requires brands that have their own identity, target group and distribution model. Using a multi-brand approach, the brands OFYR, The Bastard, Grill Guru and Grizzly Grills will each continue to offer their own experience and cooking method to serve all their respective segments.

The Fyron Group is determined to represent the abundancy and diversity of the European culinary experience, in a market that is traditionally dominated by American players. In doing so, the act of barbecuing is transformed into a full-fledged concept of the Outdoor Cooking markter. With a market share of 23,3% in the Netherlands* (+61,8%) and a presence in more than 40 countries, the group’s brands have proven that this new concept is catching on with the general public.


Martijn Wesselink (CEO 200° Fahrenheit): ‘The Outdoor Cooking market keeps growing, and both consumers and professional chefs pay more attention to this market every year. At the Fyron Group, we have a shared experience of more than 15 years and we both dominate in our respective segments. In terms of design, innovation and brands, our group has everything it needs to make a difference as a European player in the market.’

Peter Tourné (CEO OFYR): ‘At the end of 2021, OFYR was the lead player of the wood-fired outdoor cooking category. Together with the brands The Bastard, Grill Guru and Grizzly Grills, we are the market leader of the charcoal barbecue segment. While focusing on innovation, the road to further internationalization is wide open for Fyron,’

200° Fahrenheit is a manufacturer of ceramic barbecues (Kamado) with three leading brands: The Bastard, Grill Guru and Grizzly Grills. They also offer a wide range of complementary accessories, adjacent products, burnables and other cooking techniques. Together, the brands serve the entire cooking market and can be found at specialist barbecue shops, garden centres, DIY-stores and catering wholesalers, among other.

OFYR embodies the art of outdoor cooking and produces cooking units that transform a solitary activity into a shared experience. Over the years, the range has expanded to include outdoor furniture, cooking tools and accessories. Both consumers and chefs worldwide have embraced the unique wood-fired cooking experience.

For interviews with Martijn Wesselink and Peter Tourné: click here.

* For the brands The Bastard, Grill Guru and Grizzly Grills, in the Dutch Outdoor BBQ-market (All fuels. Measured in Euro, ‘GfK Panelonderzoek Nederlandse BBQ market 2021’.

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